White label platform adhesives.

Extrusion based 3D printing such as FDM / FFF / FGF enables an amazing range of possibilities, but at some point you will face limits. The adhesion between the build plate and the 3D print is one major factor when it comes to creating quality output. This is were we can add value to your materials.


Add value!

By providing the perfect adhesive for your filament you will help your customers to produce the  results they want. Moreover, you can sell advanced materials that are not printable without a strong adhesive.

Our Portfolio

Our current portfolio comprises already validated platform adhesives for many different materials and manufacturers. Furthermore, we are constantly developing more, very advanced adhesives for new materials.

PA 6/6.6


Our packaging portfolio consists of 15 and 50 ml sponge applicator bottles for water based adhesives with black and white bottles and caps, with the possibility of every combination of it as well as clear 100 ml spray bottles for the ethanol based adhesives. It´s also possible to produce every RAL color, when ordering a MOQ of 12.000 bottles over the period of 12 month.

Ready in days

We are offering all our white label adhesives already packaged in 15 and 50ml bottles or in bulk 125L barrels. With a production capacity of 60.000 units per month, we are able to handle even the largest orders on time.

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With a wide range of water and ethanol based adhesives, years of experience and more than 200.000 sold units, we are your partner to provide you with every platform adhesion solution you´ll ever need for your materials.

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