Granules for FFF/FGF.

Extrusion-based 3D printing such as FFF / FGF enables an amazing range of possibilities, but at some point, you will face limits. Currently, available materials do not fulfil everybody’s needs.
We offer purpose made high-performance materials, which are optimised for additive manufacturing and are flawless extrudable.


Expand your range!

By providing one of a kind and highly optimised materials, you enable your customers to achieve results which were never achieved before.

Our Portfolio

Our current portfolio comprises already validated materials for single screw extruder, monofilament production. Furthermore, we are constantly developing more, very advanced materials as well as the perfect platform adhesives which fit your needs.

PLA/HT – lightweight
PP – lightweight / scratch resistant
PP – electrically conductive

Granules or Filament?

We are offering all our white label granules already packaged in 25kg bags and 500kg or 1000kg oktabins. So you can choose what fit´s your needs the best. With a production capacity of 120.000 kg per month, we are able to handle even the largest orders on time.

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With a wide range of water and ethanol based adhesives, years of experience and more than 200.000 sold units, we are your partner to provide you with every platform adhesion solution you´ll ever need for your materials.

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